Hey there, friend!

Welcome! I’m Andrea, and I am the face behind the mug over here at latteallday.com. I’m obsessed with coffee (obviously), I have three small kids, and I rewatch Gilmore Girls and Friends continuously. 

And today, I’m writing this post to commemorate the beginning of my blogging experiment (and if you actually found this post and are reading it, we can officially be best friends now!).

You see, I’ve dabbled in blogging on and off for about six years now, but I haven’t stuck with it. The main reason? There are too many rules. And they change constantly.

When I first started, blogging could be personal. Then, it was supposed to be hyper-focused on one tiny slice of a topic. You’re supposed to focus on SEO and write so your posts can be found on the big G, but you’re not supposed to focus too much on keywords, you’re supposed to write helpful content for your audience. But your audience has to be super specific, and if you don’t know your ideal audience’s latte order, you might as well quit… 

Needless to say, I’m actually not that interested in keeping up with the trends. I just want to write about what I want to write about, when I want to write it, and help people make yummy lattes and coffee drinks at home. 

So here’s what you can expect around here… yes, there will be lots of recipes (and yes, I’ll be doing some SEO and keyword research so that you can actually find these recipes when you search for them!), but I’m also going to include other lifestyle stuff that I think you will like or be able to relate to. You can find all of this kind of content in the “behind the scenes” category here.

There will be affiliate links, but I’ll always disclose them and I only ever recommend things I love, so you don’t have to worry about that.

While my main goal is to provide useful content for you, I won’t lie… I also want blogging to be fun for me. That’s why I’m probably going to break as many rules as I follow, and guess what? I. Don’t. Care. 

I’m writing this post so that I have a time stamp of this decision, and in a year, I’ll look back and provide an update on how things turned out. I will be tracking my analytics and things like that, even though my math-hating brain wants nothing to do with the numbers. But I am genuinely curious how this will go. 

So, if you’re a fellow coffee lover, a mom, obsessed with your Nespresso machine (or thinking of buying one), or just want to follow along for the journey, welcome! I honestly have no idea what else to tell you to expect at this point. Let’s figure it out together!

I’d love to connect, so please come say hi over on Instagram @latte_allday, where you can also see lots of my recipes in action!

Cheers and a latte love,


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