Mom Wants Nespresso for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, why not shake things up this year?! Whether you’re the mom who’s about to forward this article to your family or the family member looking for a gift that mom actually wants this year, I’ve got you covered.

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Before we get too far, let me introduce myself. Hi, I’m Andrea, your coffee-obsessed mom of three with a knack for making delicious lattes at home instead of wasting time and money in the Starby’s drive thru (like I used to).

My all-time favorite shows are Gilmore Girls and Friends, and last year my sister and I went to the FRIENDS Experience, which is how I ended up on the iconic orange couch!

Like every mom I’ve ever met, I’m incredibly busy, so I don’t have time to mess around when it comes to making barista-worthy lattes. That’s why I’m obsessed with all things Nespresso, and I’ll tell you why.

Most Nespresso machines can brew either espresso shots or cups of coffee using a pod system. And no, it’s not the same as a Keurig. Keurigs don’t make espresso, and, as a coffee snob I can say this, the quality of the Nespresso pods blows Keurig out of the water.

But the convenience factor is there, unlike with traditional espresso machines that require lots of prep work, clean up, and insanely expensive equipment.

What supplies do you need to make a great latte?

Well, I’m so glad you asked! Most latte recipes come down to this: a few shots of espresso, frothed milk, and flavored syrups. Now there’s a whole world of things you can add for flavor, but let’s keep it simple for gifting purposes.

If you want to gift mom everything she needs to make a latte, here’s what you’re gonna need:
  • A Nespresso machine
  • Nespresso pods
  • A frother
  • Flavored syrup
  • Milk of choice

Let’s chat a bit more about the details and options for each of these.

A Nespresso Machine

These make the perfect gift because they’re not huge, make amazing drinks, and don’t cost a ton. In fact, I bet we’ll start seeing some Mother’s Day sales here soon too.

When it comes to Nespresso machines, there are two main categories: original machines and Vertuo machines.

Original Line Nespresso Machines (OL)

The original Nespresso machines uses pressure force to brew shots of espresso, much like a traditional espresso machine. The OL machines can brew two different sizes, espresso (1.35 oz) and lungo (3.7 oz).

  • Capsules are widely available in grocery and retail stores and cost less than the Vertuo pods
  • Brews espresso closest to a “real” espresso machine in terms of technique and flavor
  • Easy to use
  • Recyclable aluminum capsules
  • Usually need to use 2 capsules per drink (each one typically makes the size of one shot of espresso)
  • Can’t make a regular cup of coffee (but americanos are amazing!)

I have a Nespresso Pixie machine and I love it. From the research I’ve done, I don’t think you can go wrong when picking an OL machine, so just choose the one that’s in your budget or that looks best to you!

Vertuo Line Nespresso Machines (VL)

The Vertuo Nespresso machines use centrifugal force to brew drinks, so the espresso connoisseurs of Facebook will tell you these aren’t true espresso shots. But they taste like it to me, and you can use them to make all the fancy drinks you want!

The real benefit of the Vertuo machines is the flexibility. You can brew a cup of coffee or a single or double espresso shot. And, with certain machines like the Pop+, you can use expert mode to turn a coffee pod into a double shot, which is my favorite feature!

Depending on which model you get, the Vertuo machines can brew up to six different sizes, from a single espresso shot (1.35 oz) to an XL (12 oz).

  • Different drink size options including a standard cup of coffee and double espresso shots
  • Expert mode on the Pop+ specifically, and even more variety in sizes
  • Bluetooth capable (I’ve never used this feature so I can’t tell you exactly what it does)
  • Recyclable aluminum capsules
  • Can only get the pods on the Nespresso website or Amazon (but be careful for markups there!) and the only in store options are the Starbucks brand at Target/Walmart. (This is because the pods are still under patent, so third-parties can’t make them yet like they can with the OL.)
  • Pods are more expensive
  • Technically not a true espresso based on the brewing method

My overall pick for a Vertuo line machine is the Pop+ because it has the most brewing options and is also the most cost effective.

So which machine should I get?

It comes down to whether you (or the mom you’re gifting it to) drink more espresso-based drinks or enjoy a variety of brew sizes including a regular cup of coffee.

For the espresso enthusiasts, go with an original line machine. For everyone else, go with the Vertuo line.

Where to buy a Nespresso machine

Obviously, all of the machines are available on the Nespresso website. And their shipping is typically 3-5 days which isn’t bad! If you decide to order directly from the website, you can use coupon code 5GL4EK for $40 off your first machine.

Amazon also sells Nespresso machines, and the fast shipping is a huge plus for those of us who are last minute gifters…

Target usually has pretty good deals on machines a few times a year, so it’s worth checking there for sales. I’ve also seen some deals through Walmart online, but I haven’t seen them in the stores near me.

Nespresso Pods/Capsules

It’s important to note which capsules your machine takes, because they are NOT interchangeable.

The original machines use capsules that look like these:

While you can brew the espresso or lungo sizes on your OL machine, the capsules all look the same.

The Vertuo machines use capsules that look like these:

As noted above, the VL machines can brew different sizes. The machine automatically detects the size based on the code on the capsule, so you can brew any size with just one button.


Now let’s talk about frothers. There’s a million options out there, and I wouldn’t say you have to get a Nespresso brand one. There are two main categories of frothers: hand frothers and electric frothers.

Hand frothers give you control of the level of foam you make, and they are typically pretty inexpensive. The main drawback is that you have to heat or chill your milk prior to using the frother.

Electric frothers typically have the option to make hot or cold foam. If you’re getting an electric one, definitely make sure it can do both! These are typically more expensive, but you can find perfectly good ones on Amazon or even on Facebook marketplace. I personally don’t think you need to splurge on a frother.

Flavored Syrup

For gift-giving purposes, I wouldn’t recommend going overboard with the syrups. Everyone has different tastes, so I would just give one or two to get mom started. If you already know her favorite flavors, then by all means get those. But if you don’t stick with a classic like vanilla or caramel.

You can find them pretty much anywhere. The two most popular syrup brands are Torani and Monin.

Pro Tip:

Check your local TJ Maxx, Home Goods, or Marshalls, they usually sell big bottles of syrup for around $7!


The last ingredient to make a latte is milk, and you can use any kind of milk or milk alternative. For gift-giving purposes, some non-dairy milks are shelf-stable so you wouldn’t have to refrigerate them, but honestly I’d say skip the milk in your gift basket since everyone has their favorites anyway.

My Picks

So, if you scrolled down this far and are thinking, “just tell me what to get!” then here’s what I would choose.

The Nespresso Vertuo Pop+ machine is the most versatile, so I would grab one of those (just $89 if you use my referral code 5GL4EK at checkout on the Nespresso website!) and a few sleeves of capsules.

I’d go for the double espresso dolce for making lattes, and Melozio for a good cup of regular coffee. If mom likes flavored coffee, the sweet vanilla is pretty good. Personally, I would skip hazelnut and rich chocolate, those are the only two flavors that I think are actually pretty gross.

For a frother, you can’t beat this basic hand frother for a budget option. I use this older version of the Nespresso Aerocinno for an electric option. Since it’s not the newest model, it’s less expensive on Amazon.

I’ve curated a collection of my favorite syrups here so you can take a look and see what sounds good!

Make this year’s gift one that keeps giving all year round

So this year, instead of getting another generic gift for mom that she doesn’t really need, give her the gift of fancy coffee at home with a Nespresso machine and all the basic accessories!

Cheers and a latte love,


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